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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

UAE Driving License Requirements

uae driving license requirements How to Get UAE Driving License

Getting UAE Driving License is a bit hard but it benefits the motorist not only in UAE but 50 other countries including 20 Arab countries, and the another good thing of getting UAE license, it can help you in increasing your salary too.

UAE offers a variety of public transport options such as Taxis, Buses and Metro trains to reach work place but getting UAE driving license is still a great idea to be able to drive yourself across UAE.

Do you know as per RTA, more than 104,272 people applied for Dubai driving license in 2018, while 118,419 passed the driving tests?
There are many driving schools in UAE, the most popular and authorized driving schools in Dubai are:

Belhasa Driving School: 04-3243535
Al Ahli Driving School: 04-3411500
Dubai Driving Center: 04-3455855
Emirates Driving Institute: 04-2631100
Galadari Driving School: 04-2676166

Who qualifies for License Replacement?

If you are the citizen of below mention countries, you do not need to apply for new driving license (admission), you can replace your country driving license to UAE driving license by submitting the required documents:

United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Kuwait, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey.

Driving license holders of some countries in the above list will require translations or consulate letters. These countries include:

(i) Canada: A letter from the Canadian Consulate in Dubai to verify that the license is genuine.

(ii) Driving license holders from Greece, Canada, Cyprus, Poland, Turkey, Japan and South Korea will require a translation of their driving license from their respective consulates.

Required Documents for converting home License into UAE Driving License:

The required documents for conversion of home driving license to UAE driving license are:

1: A valid original driving license of home country.
2:  Valid residence visa.
3: A complete form for replacement of license.
4: No Objection letter from sponsor to replace license.
5: Optometry form accredited by the health authority in UAE.

How to Register for New Driving License:

To register for UAE driving License you will need to open a file and have to visit the driving school to submit the required documents, before submission please keep in mind the types and categories of UAE Driving license.

Types of UAE Driving License:

1: Manual
2: Automatic

Categories of UAE Driving License:

1: Motor cycle.
2: Light motor vehicle.
3: Heavy truck (including pickup).
4: Mini bus (including coaster).
5: Heavy bus.
6: Fork lift.
7: Shovel.

Note: Holder of Manual gear license can drive the automatic vehicle but the automatic license holders are not allowed to drive a manual gear vehicle.

Required Documents to open File:

1: Passport (original and copy)
2: Valid Residence Visa
3: No-Objection Certificate from employer in English or Arabic
4: Eight passport size photos with white backgrounds.

Step 1 Eye Test:

In-order to begin learning, you first need to get an eye test done either with an optician or at your driving school. If you want to check your eye sight outside school, the receipt of the test must be submitted at your driving school.

Step 2 Theory Test:

The training course begins with theory lectures and it is mandatory to take all the lectures for 8 hours before starting practical training classes.

(A) The theory test is carried out at all authorized driving schools.

(B) Don't forget to carry your Emirates ID, driving file, two photos.

(C) A total of 35 questions on road signals, hazards and guidelines on safe-driving will be asked in English, Arabic or Urdu, with more languages and translation to be added before theory test by paying extra fees.
Candidates who cannot read the touch-screen or are not computer literate can take the examination orally.

(D) The first segment with 17 questions focuses on general traffic rules and situations, and the candidate will need to answer a minimum of 11 correct to pass.

(E) The second segment has 18 questions related to the specific driving license, the candidate requires minimum of 12 correct answers to be eligible for the next test.

(F)  New segment is added to the Theory test called Risks Recognition Test, the test contains a few videos that depicts specific environmental conditions and asks the driver how he/she can cope with them.

Step 3 Practical Training Classes:

After passing the theory test, students can begin their practical training.

Important: If you have your home valid driving license which should/at least 2-5 years old you can get discount in driving classes.

(A) Students who do not possess any driving license (from any country) have to register for all 40 classes.

(B) Students possessing their country's license which is 2-5 years old have to take 30 classes.

(C) Students possessing their country license which is more than 5 years old will just be given only 20 classes.

Step 4 Parking Test:

After completing your practical training classes, your course-in charge (instructor) will advise you to book your RTA parking test and assessment test.
You need to pass 3 types of parking tests including side reverse parking, garage parking, hill training and emergency handbrake.

Step 5 Highway Classes:

After clearing your assessment and parking test, you will complete your highway training where you need to drive the vehicle above 100/kmh before going for the final road test.
Once you have completed all of your practical training classes which should be 20, 30 or 40, you will have to register for the final test.

Final Road Test:

On the date assigned, go with your passport or Emirates ID, complete driving file, 2 extra photos for the RTA License to fill up an application form, choose the date or you will be given the date as per their schedule, submit fees (around Dh310 for the road test).

On the given date, visit at least 1 hour early from your test time, you will receive an sms too,  when your name is called out, go along with the other 3 candidates and the local inspector to the designated car.
You will be given just a few minutes to demonstrate your driving skills; you have to follow all you have learned during your theory and practical classes’ in-order to pass.

If you pass, collect the approval paper from your inspector which will be given to you same day and go to the RTA Counter.
Submit your emirates ID and your tests file at control counter with Dh100 fees.
Your driving license will be given to you at same time, printing the license can take approximately 30 minutes depending up to the branch, once you received your driving license, you are eligible to drive UAE.

Sad thing is if you fail, you will have to register with your driving school for at least seven more practical classes and get a new road test date with all fesses to be pay again, you will rewind the same process until you passed.

Guide on how to register for UAE driving license ends here, for questions, leave comments.

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