The University of California Irvine is among the top 10 American public universities. Its academic offering includes accelerated postgraduate courses, preparation courses for bachelor's and master's degrees, and postgraduate specializations with internships included. In addition, the UCI has three Nobel Laureates among its ranks and is located in the safest city in California with 290 sunny days a year. In an environment like this, it is easy to want to stay another year working in the United States, which is possible through the OPT visa.

Students who seek to improve their curriculum and work in the United States will find in this university all the resources to achieve it. First you have to complete two of its specializations (of 3 months each), then professional internships in one of its associated companies and, finally, apply for the OPT visa to be able to work for a year in the country.

The UCI study programs are focused on professional projection, since the study plan is adapted to the demand of companies. In this way, the UCI students, once they finish their studies, will easily adapt to the work environment, mastering the language to perfection. In the event that the student wants to prepare for a bachelor's or master's degree, the UCI also has programs for it. One of the strengths of this university is that it adapts its study programs to the objectives of each student.


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