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Saturday, September 28, 2019

Waiter and waitress wanted in Canada

Pizza Delight

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Job Type
Full Time

Description :

Waiter and waitress wanted in Canada

Job Description

The servers/servers take the requests and look out for visitors as indicated by Pizza Delight client assistance convention. They plan table settings and play out a feast and treat administration. They may play out indistinguishable capacities from the entertainer and the counter individual.

Job key details / Main function

  • Applies the wellbeing guidelines as to tidiness;
  • Applies the security guidelines;
  • Applies WHMIS;
  • Consents to the rules identified with the best possible use of gear;
  • Consents to the rules identified with the upkeep assignments of the eatery and gear;
  • Guarantees steady tidiness of their work region;
  • Composes proficiently their work region and their work;
  • Clears cleans and resets the tables in the lounge area;
  • Washes and takes care of dishes;
  • Supplies the administration zones;
  • Takes reservations and welcomes the take-out counter visitors;
  • Welcomes the visitors, displays the menu, makes proposals, brings up advancements and answers all inquiries concerning nourishment and drinks;
  • Utilizes deals methods;
  • Takes arranges and transmits them to the kitchen staff through the POS framework;
  • Entertainers the planning and the administration of drinks, wines, alcohols, and mixed drinks while agreeing to Pizza Delight client support convention;
  • Gets ready and serves pastries;
  • Serves suppers and guarantees quality administration in the lounge area all while conforming to Pizza Delight client support convention;
  • Readies the bills for suppers and additionally, refreshments, get installments, balances day by day money related exchanges;
  • Executes every single other undertaking as mentioned by the director.

Waiter and waitress wanted in Canada


Involvement in eatery activities is frequently required. Hands-on preparing is given. A specific measure of manual expertise is required. Comprehension of complex circumstances, tender loving care, and transparency towards change are required. Relational aptitudes, effortlessness at gathering individuals, cooperation, joint effort, capacity to adjust to a circumstance, and great relational abilities are required. Bilingualism can be required. Great individual prepping, confidence, honesty, the executives stress aptitudes, dynamism, self-governance, and adaptability are required.

Working condition

Work hours are for the most part pre-planned and there is periodic extra time. The timetable changes as indicated by the position, daytime, the evening time or the end of the week. It is as often as possible required to work nights, ends of the week and statutory occasions. There is a probability of low maintenance work. The calendar may contain split movements. Work is fairly serious at eating times. The workplace is boisterous and there can be a strain to keep up the work pace.

Waiter and waitress wanted in Canada

How to apply :

  1. Upload your PP size photo 3 piece 
  2.  Upload recently written CV / Resume 

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